Do You Hear the Sound of Drums?

Hello, I am the master and you shall obey me. If you silly creatures have a question you may ask it.
Translation: Before I die, I am glad that I met a human who was not afraid.


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Aliens are annoying me. Well, specifically the organisations that deal with aliens are annoying me, but they wouldn’t be needed unless the aliens were visiting the planet hence why they are in fact the people who are annoying me.

"Oh now, no need to be so defensive Mycroft Holmes," admonished the Master, "Does John now that your younger brother did not die yet? And that you knew?"



There’s a Crack in the skin of the Universe on Trenzalore. The Time Lords use this Crack to push a message into the Universe (“Doctor Who?”), waiting for a response (the Doctor’s name) which will lead them home.
If the Doctor says his name, the Time Lords come back and the Time War recommences. If he leaves, the planet will be slaughtered. So he stays but doesn’t say his name. The Church of the Papal Mainframe becomes the Church of the Silence - devoted to keeping the planet protected, so that the Doctor’s hand is never forced.
But the Kovarian Faction takes a more extreme view. They decide to alter history so that the Doctor can never reach Trenzalore at all. They travel back and their first plan is to destroy the TARDIS - unwittingly creating the Cracks in the first place with the resulting explosion.
The Doctor calls this the Destiny Trap. Kovarian travelled back to prevent the Doctor reaching the Crack, but the Crack only exists because Kovarian travelled back.

The most succinct explanation of the crack paradox I’ve heard thus far. 

The scary (and, yeah, slightly frustrating) thing is how much sense this all makes.






Jingle bell

Sherlock fell

Cas let go of Dean

Amy died

The Doctor cried

And Merlin was cancelled by the BBC

With love,

-Satan, The Lord of feels


so last season. 

Jingle bell

The angels fell

John thinks Sherlock’s dead

Then Dean cried

The Doctor died

and Merlin’s still cancelled by the BBC

I updated it

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I just want to see how many people actually make the effort to do so.


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